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Aesthetically pleasing


The ClearBow is a virtually transparent, encouraging patients to wear their orthodontic retainers and show off their beautiful new smile without feeling self-conscious.


Gentle on tooth enamel, veneered teeth and restorations

clearbow_gentle_on_teeth_durable_aeshtetic_clear_retainer_96_webBecause the ClearBow is softer than conventional steel wires, it does not scratch tooth enamel, restorations or veneered teeth.

Virtually resistant to stains

Portrait of a young man drinking coffee while sitting on armchaiCold or hot beverages such as cranberry juice, coffee, hot chocolate, cola, tea and red wine will not stain or distort the ClearBow.

Free from BPA

clearbow_retainer_clear_bpa_freePWG Orthodontic Specialties LTD. values the health and safety of all patients undergoing their orthodontic treatment. That’s why the ClearBow is manufactured using high quality food-grade materials without any BPA (Bysphenol A), a chemical that is banned in Canada and
deemed potentially harmful to health.

Anatomically designed to provide more tooth surface contact

clearbow_tooth_contact_96_english_webThe ClearBow is anatomically designed at 2.75 mm (.11″) wide with a concave structure to provide optimum tooth contact for superior retention. This is very beneficial if patients had very crooked teeth prior to orthodontic treatment.

Virtually unbreakable

new_plastic_retainer_clearbow_3_300Sometimes retainers are placed under stresses that could cause the labial wire to weaken and possibly break. The ClearBow is specially designed to better withstand these common stressors, ensuring your retainer’s ongoing durability and dependability for keeping your teeth straight.

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  • 2,
  • 2013